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Jack Frost (1997)

With no pretension to anything other than the basest Z-movie thrills, this tale of a wise-cracking homicidal snowman is not to be confused with the Michael Keaton-starring shit-hurricane of schmaltz released the following year.

Jack Frost sees a psychopathic maniac return to his old hunting ground to continue his killing spree.

Accidentally transformed into a snowman on his way to prison when a crash throws him into some secret government experimental goo (or something), there’s soon no stopping Jack and his inexhaustible arsenal of snow-related puns.

With its insistence on enforced merriment and a script seemingly made up of Christmas cracker jokes taped together, it certainly nails the seasonal spirit.

Jack Frost
Scott MacDonald
Christopher Allport
Agent Manners
Stephen Mendel
Paul Davrow
F. William Parker
Eileen Seeley
Rob LaBelle
Ryan Tiler
Zack Eginton
Jake Metzner
Jack Lindine
Kelly Jean Peters
Marsha Clark
Deputy Foster
Chip Heller 
Deputy Pullman
Brian Leckner
Darren Campbell
Jill Metzner
Shannon Elizabeth Fadal
Doc Peters
Paul Keith

Michael Cooney