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Beck, Bogert & Appice

Plans for guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck to form a power trio with the ex-Vanilla Fudge rhythm section were first mooted in 1969. Both the drummer, Carmine Appice, and the bass player, Tim Bogert, were dissatisfied with their band at the time.

These hopes were dashed, however, when Beck was involved in a serious car crash that put him out of action.

Meanwhile, Bogert and Appice formed the heavy rock band Cactus, but in 1972 their paths crossed again with Beck and they assembled the heavy rock trio Beck, Bogert and Appice.

Their 1973 self-titled, commercially successful debut album was instrumentally superb but suffered from a lack of songwriting ability and strained vocals.

30-odd years later the album sounds ponderous and is justifiably disowned by the previous band members.


Jeff Beck
Guitar, vocals
Tim Bogert
Bass, vocals
Carmine Appice