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Flamin’ Groovies, The

Beginning life as a flower-power band in San Francisco during the psychedelic rush of Haight-Ashbury, The Groovies came to define the true spirit of good time rock & roll and pop.

The Flamin’ Groovies brought Anglophile flash and San Francisco stoner cool to the desolate early 70s music scene. They were a great garage band and wrote a slew of memorable songs.

Teenage Head (1971) was the last album to be recorded by the original lineup and the tensions between guitarist Cyril Jordan and singer Roy Loney were reflected in the record’s tough, rumbling sound.

The few reviews the album attracted were good, but the Groovies – playing short pop tunes in the style of the British rockers – were out of place in an America obsessed with guitar-soloing rock bands.

Roy Loney left, disillusioned, only a few months after the album’s release. Jordan reshaped the band – feeding his transient co-members a diet of British Beat and R&B blended with Byrds/Beau Brummels throughout the 70’s – and shifted them to England to record Shake Some Action under Dave Edmunds at Rockfield.

You Tore Me Down shines like a polished diamond with evocative Byrds-style acoustic guitar overlays and Hollies-standard harmonies.


Cyril Jordan
Guitar, vocals
Roy Loney
Vocals, guitar
Tim Lynch
Guitar, vocals
George Alexander
Bass, vocals
Danny Mihm
Chris Wilson
James Farrell
David Wright
Terry Rae
Mike Wilhelm
Jack Johnson
Paul Zahl