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Kippington Lodge

Kippington Lodge released five excellent singles on Parlophone Records between 1967 and 1969, yet they remain one of the least known English pop groups of the late sixties – despite boasting a line-up that included Nick Lowe, Brinsley Schwarz and Bob Andrews (a future member of Graham Parker & The Rumour).

The group evolved from Lowe’s first band, Sounds 4+1, which he formed with school pal, Brinsley.

After leaving school, Lowe, already used to a nomadic existence as his father was in the Royal Air Force, decided to go and see some more of the world, leaving Schwarz to return to his native Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Here Schwarz formed Three’s A Crowd who were signed to EMI in 1967.

Changing their name to Kippington Lodge they released their debut Shy Boy in October. Lowe returned to England and joined his friends in time for the second single, Rumours.

To supplement their lack of income from record sales, Kippington Lodge became Billie Davies’ backing group and released three further singles during 1968-69. The last single, a version of The BeatlesIn My Life, was released in April 1969.

In September the group replaced Pete Whale with American drummer Billy Rankin and the name Kippington Lodge was dropped in favour of that of their lead guitarist, and the band became Brinsley Schwarz.

Original keyboard player Barry Landerman resurfaced in Vanity Fare.

Brinsley Schwarz
Guitar, vocals
Nick Lowe
Bass, vocals
Bob Andrews
Pete Whale
Barry Landerman