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During the early 1970s when most Melbourne bands were copying Skyhooks shock antics or the mellow American West Coast sound, Stylus stuck to the then-unfashionable funk.

Featuring the superb vocals of Peter Cupples, the band was rewarded with hit singles, Summer Breeze and World of Make Believe, and support slots with artists such as George Benson and Ike and Tina Turner.

Their debut album, Where in the World?, was released on Atlantic in November 1975. Their second album, For the Love of Music, was released in October 1976.

The group signed with Motown Records in the USA to release their third album, Best Kept Secret (April 1978) which provided three more singles – Workout Fine (March 1978), Look at Me (July) and Got to Say Goodbye (November). They were the first Australian act to be released by Motown in the USA.

In August 1979 the band issued their fourth album, Part of It All, and the related single, If You Believe in Me. The group disbanded later that year with Cupples forming The Peter Cupples Band and releasing two unsuccessful LPs, Fear of Thunder and Half The Effort, Twice The Effect.


Stylus reunited in 2001 with the line-up of Cupples, Henderson, McNally, and Peers joined by David Jones on drums. Live recordings from their 2002 tour were issued as Still Alive in 2003 on Empire Records.

On 23 June 2010 the new album, Across Time, was released in Japan – their first new material in 31 years. Stylus performed shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle in 2012 – their first since 2002.

Peter Cupples
Vocals, rhythm guitar
Ron Peers
Lead guitar, vocals
Sam McNally
Ashley Henderson
Bass, vocals
Peter Lee