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Brothel Creepers

These thick crepe soled shoes first walked onto the scene when British Teddy Boys adopted the “brothel creeper” shoe style as a part of the teenage rebel uniform.


The lightweight design of the stacked sole differed from the flat leather-soled shoe commonly worn, allowing the wearer to ‘creep’ the floors at night without making the squeaks and creaks regular soled shoes made (and we all know how useful that little function is).

The crepe sole was a soft, squishy rubberised material made by mixing rubber with wool. This revolutionary material was first used solely for orthopaedic shoes, but the Teddy Boys created their own version by placing a pointy-toed shoe, dubbed a winklepicker, upon a thick black sole of crepe rubber.

The creeper, coupled with the outrageous fashions of the Teddy Boys, carried them to the fringes of society.