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Desert Boots

While there are no deserts in England, there was a group of style-conscious youngsters who adopted Clarks’ desert boot for their mod uniform.

Clarks of England, the maker of rugged and stylish footwear since the beginning of the 20th century, were behind the shoe of choice for the trendsetting modernists.

The boot was simplistic but refined, with its ankle-high suede topper and crepe rubber soles.


The footwear was modelled after boots found in a Cairo bazaar and worn by British officers returning from North Africa at the end of World War II and was celebrated for its sleek, comfortable style.

Topped with soft but sturdy suede in dark neutral colours, the desert boot was unlike anything seen before. The exotic look was adopted by the mods, and Clarks became the progenitors of mod shoe style.

The desert boot protected feet and ankles from the heat of the engine on the mods’ scooters, yet still had style enough to burn. The boot was lightweight, comfortable and durable, and looked great with the slim-cut suits, and conservative yet streamlined image.