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Rebound was a miniature board-game version of shuffleboard.

The board was split down the middle by a wall. The player launched one of four pucks up the right side, carefully angling the shot so it would rebound off a pair of angled rubber bands at the top of the board. A proper shot bounced the puck back down the left side of the board.

If the player applied the proper amount of force, the puck came skidding to a halt on a series of score markers on the other side.

Of course, things got a little tricky when another player entered the fray. Your opponent might manoeuvre their puck onto a better-scoring point space. Even worse, their shot might remove you from your point space and thus cause you to lose those points.

rebound4In any event, the first player to score 300 points was the winner.

Rebound managed to hit it off with both sports fans and game fanatics when it was released because it convincingly transferred the thrills of an athletic competition to a convenient board game format that could be played anywhere and anytime.

As a result, it has remained popular over the years and is still made today. It is currently manufactured by Mattel and can easily be found at well-stocked toy stores.