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Hawkeye & the Last of the Mohicans

1 9 5 7 – 1 9 5 8 (Canada)
39 x 30 minute episodes

This joint Canadian/British-produced series was set in New York’s Hudson Valley during the French and Indian War of the 1750s and depicted the adventures of James Fenimore Cooper’s legendary pathfinder and fur trader Nat “Hawkeye” Cutler (John Hart) and his Indian blood brother Chingachgook (Lon Chaney Jr) – the last member of the Mohican tribe.

Together the duo helped protect settlers along the Canada/New York frontier from raids by the Huron Indians.

The entire series was filmed on location (mostly in Pickering, Ontario) so the series, though otherwise fairly routine, boasted actual outdoor locations and paid close attention to historical detail.

Nat ‘Hawkeye’ Cutler
John Hart
Lon Chaney Jr.