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Be Our Guest

1 9 6 6 (Australia)

Australian show Be Our Guest was an attempt by the Australian ABC-TV to capture a slice of the late daytime viewing audience, designed to please the whole family from early teens to Dad and Mum.

Contrived but entertaining, the nightly 30-minute programme was a display of the talents of the showbiz guests who stayed at an airport motel.

The setting served as an opportunity to showcase pop music bands.

Lorraine Bayly played an air hostess and a young Jacki Weaver played a delightful teenager. Sean Scully played her cousin (both pictured at right).

The show received a lukewarm reception from TV critics who panned both its production and its lack of storyline.

19-year-old Weaver married the show’s producer, David Price, on 12 November 1966. They divorced in 1970.

Lorraine Bayly
Jacki Weaver
Sean Scully
Gordon Glenwright
Jack Allan