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The third of Gordon Murray’s animated Camberwick Green trilogy, Chigley concerned itself with the minutiae of life in an upwardly mobile hamlet in Trumptonshire (as introduced in Trumpton).

In days of yore, Chigley had been the domain of Lord Belborough, a confirmed bachelor who was generally to be seen pottering aimlessly about his stately home (Winkstead Hall) in his tweeds. But times had changed.

Money was tight and Belborough had been obliged to let the public into his house, and give them rides on his restored steam train, Bessie, for money . . .

Chigley was also home to a commercial pottery – run by Harry Farthing and his tomboy daughter, Winnie – which despatched regular orders to the outside world. The residents of Chigley made their money through trade, and were proud of it.

Escalating rents in Trumpton had forced Mr Cresswell’s Chigley Biscuit Factory onto a cheaper site at Treddle’s Wharf. near the Trumpton canal, where the bargees and dockers were watched over by Mr Swallow.

“All done by efficiency”, the factory boasted of its automated production line and a giant force of dungareed workers who toiled with robotic precision.

And then at 6 o’clock sharp, the factory whistle would blow and the workmen would march out in lurching slow-motion to the car park, where they were obliged to waltz with girls in peasant smocks and headscarves as Belborough wound the handle of a restored Dutch organ (so what was THAT all about?!)

Brian Cant

Lord Belborough
Mr Brackett the Butler
Mr Swallow
Mr Cresswell
Mr Clamp the Greengrocer
Harry Farthing the Potter
Winnie Farthing
Mr Clutterbuck the Builder
Chippy Minton the Carpenter
Mr Bilton the Gardener