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Our Man at St Mark’s

1 9 6 3 – 1 9 6 6 (UK)
46 x 30 minute episodes

This sitcom featured first Leslie Phillips as the Reverend Andrew Parker, and then Donald Sinden as the Reverend Stephen Young.

The series followed the exploits of the youthful vicars at St Mark’s church in the rural parish of the village of Felgate (the location used for the series was really Denham Village, Buckinghamshire).

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Joan Hickson played the vicar’s housekeeper Mrs Pace, and Anne Lawson played Parker’s girlfriend in the first (Leslie Phillips) season.

The second season saw the introduction of Harry Fowler as reformed crook, Harry the yo-yo (so named because he was in and out of jail all the time).

For the fourth season, Stephen Young moved from Felgate to Lynchester where he was promoted to Archdeacon and became the venerable Stephen Young. He took Mrs Pace with him, of course. The series title was subtly changed to Our Man From St Mark’s.

Reverend Andrew Parker  
Leslie Phillips
Reverend Stephen Young  

Donald Sinden
Mrs Pace  

Joan Hickson
Anne Gibson  

Anne Lawson
Harry the Yo-Yo  

Harry Fowler