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I Didn’t Know You Cared

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 9 (UK)
27 x 30 minute episodes

The Brandons – a truly awful, extended Northern family – first appeared in a trilogy of books – I Didn’t Know You Cared (published 1973), Except You’re A Bird (1974) and Stirk Of Stirk (also 1974) – before making the transition to television sitcom.

Pivotal to the TV series is Uncle Mort, an incredibly dour, awesomely pessimistic and newly widowed pensioner, who positively wallows in his misery.


His dullard nephew Carter has become reluctantly engaged to Pat and is attempting to stall any wedding talk – A ploy heartily endorsed by the other male members of the clan, all of whom see marriage as a crime against their gender.

The constant arguing of his parents, Les and Annie (Mort’s sister), is another factor in Carter’s hesitancy. But the marriage goes ahead at the end of series one.

In series two onwards the battle of the sexes continues.

Uncle Mort has become a firm favourite with BBC Radio 4 listeners in recent years, appearing in such series as Uncle Mort’s North Country and Uncle Mort’s South Country (both have also been published in book form) and Uncle Mort’s Celtic Fringe.

Uncle Mort 
Robin Bailey
Les Brandon 

John Comer
Annie Brandon 

Liz Smith
Carter Brandon 

Stephen Rea (1)
Keith Drinkel (2)
Pat Partington 
Anita Carey (1)
Liz Goulding (2)
Uncle Stavely 
Bert Palmer (1)
Leslie Sarony (2)
Linda Preston 

Deirdre Costello
Auntie Lil 

Gretchen Franklin
Mrs Partington 

Vanda Godsell