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Gemini Man

1 9 7 6 (USA)
1 x 95 minute episode
11 x 50 minute episodes

A Sci-Fi drama series from NBC providing an update of the old Invisible Man storyline.

After being caught in a radiation explosion during an underwater salvage operation, hip, denim-clad special agent Sam Casey (Ben Murphy) is left invisible (not dead or irradiated then?).

When friend and coworker ‘Abby’ Lawrence (Katherine Crawford) is able to perfect a means to control his invisibility using a special watch, Casey – an agent and chief troubleshooter for the think tank facility known as INTERSECT – becomes a valuable secret weapon for the firm and is given the code name Minus One.

The only drawback is that Casey can only stay invisible for 15 minutes in any 24 hour period. If he exceeds this time allowance he will vanish forever.


Convinced the explosion was the work of saboteurs, Casey, Abby and Driscoll (Richard Dysart) uncover a plot to execute wealthy Charles Royce (Paul Shenar), head of one of America’s largest industrial complexes (who had hired Casey for the salvage job).

The show itself disappeared after a single season.

Sam Casey 
Ben Murphy
Dr Abigail ‘Abby’ Lawrence 

Katherine Crawford
Leonard Driscoll 

Richard Dysart
Charles Edward Royce
Paul Shenar