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Whoops Baghdad!

1 9 7 2 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Following the successful formula of Up Pompeii, Frankie Howerd returned with Whoops Baghdad, transplanting the action from ancient Rome to the Middle East.


This time around, Howerd played a character called Ali Oopla, but all the familiar elements from Up Pompeii were still there . . .

The double entendres, the (not so subtle) innuendo, the cheeky faces and an abundance of pretty buxom women in cleavage-revealing, tight-fitting costumes.

Ali Upla is in the employ of the Wazir Abu Ben Ackers, a rich and powerful merchant. In the opening episode, Ali suggests that the Wazir find a wife.

The Wazir is delighted by this suggestion and sends Ali off to find one for him (with typically chaotic and farcical results).

In subsequent episodes of this short-lived show; the Sultan of Bangalor wants to marry the Wazir’s two daughters, Saccharine and Boobiana (fnarr! fnarr!); The Wazir entrusts Ali with the task of raising the dowry (with typically chaotic and farcical results); Thieves abduct the Wazir. Ali (posing as a soothsayer) goes to rescue him (with typically chaotic and farcical results), and Ali is sent to find new women for the Wazir’s harem (with typically etc etc etc).

Ali Oopla
Frankie Howerd
Wazir Abu Ben Ackers 

Derek Francis
The Calif 

Bill Fraser

Hilary Pritchard

Anna Brett

Norman Chappell

Josephine Jewson

Valerie Stanton
Derti Dhoti the Beggar 

Larry Martin
Mustafa Shufti 

Ronnie Brody
Shaik Akabar the Vile 

Alan Curtis

Janet Webb

Alan Curtis
Tambalane the Tartar 

Patrick Troughton