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Brady Brides, The

1 9 8 1 (USA)
10 x 30 minute episodes

This spin-off from the classic Brady Bunch series was launched with a telemovie called The Brady Girls Get Married, which featured Marcia (Maureen McCormick) and Jan Brady (Eve Plumb) getting married – not to each other!

In this series, the two sisters and their new husbands began house-hunting with the help of their mother, Carol (Florence Henderson), who became a real estate agent after the kids grew up.

But Los Angeles was an expensive place to live, and the only solution seemed to be to set up home together in a big old house they had all fallen in love with.

This created some problems as their lifestyles were rather different – Fashion designer Marcia and her toy salesman husband Wally (Jerry Houser) were much less traditional than architect Jan and her college chemistry teacher husband Philip (Ron Kuhlman).

There were also the little strains of new marriage. Fortunately, their trusty old slave housekeeper, Alice (Ann B Davis), lived just down the street and was always on hand to offer help and sagely advice. Elvira Fritzinger (Barbara Cason) was their next-door neighbour and Harry (Keland Love) was a kid from the slums who had been befriended by Wally.

The series, which was the only Brady sitcom filmed in front of a live studio audience, only made it to 10 episodes.

A 1990 drama series called simply The Bradys revealed the following facts about the grown-up Brady kids:

Greg had married a woman named Nora and had a son. Marcia (now played by a different actress) and Wally had two children called Jessica and Mickey. Peter was a playboy (well why not? he was always reading it after all!).


Jan and Phillip had adopted a Korean child. Cindy had become a DJ and was having an affair with her widowed boss (I always knew Cindy would be a happenin’ chick).

Bobby (also now married) had become a racing driver but had been involved in an accident that left him paralysed from the waist down. That’ll teach him to play ball in the house.

It’s a new life for two girls named Brady
Who have left the bunch to make it on their own
Jan fell in love with a man named Philip,
the nicest guy she knows

In the meantime along came Wally
Who was different from Philip in every way
Soon the girls are headed for a double wedding
A very special day

A house was too expensive for each couple
The only way to buy one they decide
was to share the cost by moving in together
That’s the way that they became the Brady Brides
The Brady Brides
The Brady Brides
That’s the way they became the Brady Brides

I just can’t believe that after I had been so madly in love with Marcia Brady for so many years that she could marry a toy salesman called “Wally”!

Marcia Brady Logan 
Maureen McCormick
Jan Brady Covington 

Eve Plumb
Wally Logan 

Jerry Houser
Philip Covington III 

Ron Kuhlman
Alice Nelson 

Ann B Davis

Keland Love
Carol Brady 

Florence Henderson
Elvira Fritzinger
Barbara Cason