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Irish R.M, The

1 9 8 5 (UK)
18 x 60 minute episodes

Prim and proper Englishman Major Sinclair Yeates (Peter Bowles) had retired from the Army to the rural west coast of Ireland in the hope of enjoying peace in his new role of local Resident Magistrate (RM) – a Justice of the Peace who assists local magistrates in their deliberations and helps to administer British rule.

But his hopes of pastoral calm were rudely shattered by parochial disputes between a cavalcade of colourful Irish characters.

He became the victim of many pranks amidst arguments over livestock and sheer, unfathomable blarney, leaving the rather gullible Yeates deep in hot water, especially if his mischievous young landlord, Flurry Knox (Bryan Murray), was involved.

The Channel 4 series was based on the 1899 book Some Experiences Of An Irish RM by Somerville and Ross (Edith Somerville and Violet Florence Martin, who used the pen-name Martin Ross).

The entire series was shot in and around an old manor house 20 miles south of Dublin.

Major Sinclair Yeates
Peter Bowles
Flurry Knox
Bryan Murray
Peter Cadogan
Brendan Conroy
Sally Knox
Lise Ann McLaughlin
Lady Knox
Faith Brook
Mrs Knox
Beryl Reid
Niall Toibin
Virginia Cole
Deirdre Lawless
Philippa Butler/Yeates
Doran Godwin
Mrs Cadogan
Anna Manahan
Dr Jerome Hickey
Jonathan Ryan