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1 9 9 8 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Two brothers, Damon (Damon Wayans), a bachelor and undercover detective, and Bernard (David Alan Grier), a married (but separated) rent-a-cop home security officer, are reunited in Chicago.

Older brother Bernard spends most of his time on Damon’s couch.

Down at the precinct, Captain Carol Czynencko (Andrea Martin) is Damon’s hard-as-nails boss who is trying to get in touch with her sensitive side; Stacy Phillips (Melissa De Sousa) is a strong career-driven Latina who has a “no dating cops” rule; Carrol Fontaine (Dom Irrera) is a hypochondriac who makes his co-workers cringe with graphic descriptions of his problems; Jimmy Tortone (Julio Oscar Mechoso) is a Cuban con-artist who walks a fine line between shady and legit; and Billy McCarthy (Greg Pitts) is the gung-ho, gullible new kid in the department who falls prey to everyone’s practical jokes.

Damon Thomas
Damon Wayans
Bernard Thomas
David Alan Grier
Billy McCarthy
Greg Pitts
Captain Carol Czynencko
Andrea Martin
Carroll Fontaine
Dom Irrera
Jimmy Tortone
Julio Oscar Mechoso
Stacy Phillips
Melissa De Sousa