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Holding On

1 9 9 7 (UK)
8 x 60 minute episodes

Holding On followed various characters in contemporary London and turned a critical eye on modern British society.

The story of Alan (Sean Gallagher) emphasised the lack of provision for mental health patients; bright DJ Chris (Razaaq Adoti) and his sister Janet (Diane Parish) highlighted the lack of facilities for bright black youths; and all the characters revealed what happens when urban isolation meets a ‘me first’ mindset.

The core themes of the series were blame and responsibility, but the drama was not without humour, provided most obviously by restaurant critic Gary Rickey (Phil Daniels, pictured above) as he travelled the capital, spitting bile and saliva at all the top gastronomic eateries in town.

Everyone was looking for something – or someone – to blame for the position they found themselves in. But nothing was ever black and white: the tax fraud case against Werner (David Calder), for example, seemed cut and dry until Shaun’s wife (Caroline Harker) turned a blind eye to her childminder’s petty fiddling. Where do you draw a line between good, bad and really bad?

David Morrissey
Gary Rickey
Phil Daniels
Lesley Manville
Treva Etienne
Emily Hamilton
Meera Syal
Ellen Thomas
Ahsen Bhatti
Freddie Annobil Dodoo
David Calder
Sam Kelly