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All About Eve

This London quartet featured the rather lovely – and often multi-tracked – voice of Coventry-born music journalist Julianne Regan (an early bassist in Gene Loves Jezebel) and utilised, of all people, former Yardbirds bassist Paul Samwell-Smith in the producer’s chair.

With dreamy-looking cover art and songs about children, angels and clouds, one might have expected lots of wispy, ethereal music, but 1988’s self-titled All About Eve album (the name of the band came from the 1950 Bette Davis film) offered up mainstream, big-guitar rockers.

Even the quieter moments, such as Like Emily and Shelter From The Rain sounded like arena fare from some U2 support act.

The haunting acoustic ballad, Martha’s Harbour flew into the Top 10 in 1988 and remained in the charts for over two months.

Samwell-Smith gave Scarlet and Other Stories a much lighter acoustic sound, better suited to Regan’s voice.


Guitarist Tim Bricheno left in 1990 and resurfaced later that year in the Sisters Of Mercy.

His replacement was Australian guitarist Marty Wilson-Piper (from The Church) – initially on a temporary basis and subsequently full-time.

With the original band disbanding early in 1993, Julianne Regan went on to form Harmony Ambulance (who released a solitary 45 for Rough Trade) before working with Bernard Butler (ex-Suede) and subsequently forming Mice.

All About Eve reformed in late 1999 to a great reception from press and fans alike. Their enduring reputation as a band who could really cut it live ensured them a dedicated fan base as well as winning new supporters with their highly acclaimed acoustic shows.

Julianne Regan
Timothy Bricheno
Andy Cousin
Mark Price
Marty Wilson-Piper