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Go-Go Boots

In 1964, futuristic designer André Courrèges sent a model sashaying down the runway in a white mini with matching white, ankle-high boots.

This new boot did away with the pointy-toe and skinny stiletto heel of the 1950s, instead pairing a square toe with a short, square heel.

The go-go boot capitalised on the new space-age feeling of the psychedelic mod movement. Bold, bright colours and simple geometric shapes were grounded by the square-toed boot.

Nancy Sinatra’s 1965 feminist creed asserted the boot’s power over neglectful men, and the catchy song became a feminist chant supporting the new sexual revolution.

The style evolved, and soon any boots worn with a short skirt were being called go-go boots (also known as ‘Kinky Boots’).

Designers eventually turned their attention to higher boots, and go-go boots were pushed to the back of the cupboard.

They occasionally make a brief comeback as part of some short-lived retro fashion trend.