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Tank Top

A sleeveless top or pullover, usually with a low round or v neck, worn over a body-hugging shirt with long pointed collar or sometimes alone (on a naked torso).

A version of the tank top had been around since the 1930s as an undershirt, known as the A-shirt or Guinea tee, but it wasn’t until decades later that the style evolved into outerwear. During the sexual revolution, women burned their bras and donned the tank top.

The revealing style was considered scandalous by the conservatives, but it was a favourite of many men – both to wear and to see worn on a fine female form . . .

When rock stars started showing off their bodies via the tank top, fans followed, and the tank top became a true unisex style.

Eventually, everyone got used to the new hang loose attitude of the 70s, and the tank top became even more common than the short-sleeved tee.

The tank fell out of fashion for boys in the early 80s, but it remained a strong force for girls.