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1 9 6 0 – 1 9 6 1 (USA)
33 x 30 minute episode

Events in the lives of the newlywed Smiths: American architect John (Marshall Thompson, later of Daktari) and his young French wife, Angel (Annie Farge) – short for Angelique – who he met and married during a business trip to France.

Stories focussed on Angel’s difficulties as she struggled to cope with the bewildering American lifestyle.

Angel was very stubborn and had a fiery French temper (and a thick French accent).

Although she tried her best to be a loving and responsible housewife for her new husband (whom she called ‘Johnny’) she frequently ran into problems, usually due to her poor command of the English language.

Susie (Doris Singleton) and her husband George (Don Keefer) were the Smith’s neighbours in Los Angeles.

Hanley Stafford played Johnny’s boss, Mr Corwin, and Bella Bruck had a very funny recurring role as neighbour and friend, Mrs Spiegelman.

Coming from the Desilu studio, it’s unsurprising that the storyline was pretty much I Love Lucy in reverse. The two shows also shared the same creator, in Jess Oppenheimer.

Angelique ‘Angel’ Smith
Annie Farge
Johnny Smith
Marshall Thompson
Susie Carpenter
Doris Singleton
George Carpenter
Don Keefer
Mr Corwin
Hanley Stafford
Mrs Spiegelman
Bella Bruck