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Badger’s Bend

1 9 6 3 – 1 9 6 4 (UK)
38 x 25 minute episodes

Young Tim Cordon (Malcolm Patton) moved to the countryside and discovered an interest in the care of animals. Befriending local vet Mr Francis (James Ward) and his assistant Sheila (Rosemary Nicols), Tim was given some convalescing hamsters to look after and soon hit upon the idea of setting himself up as an animal hotel.

Cats and dogs, badgers, kestrels, buzzards, ponies, monkeys, a naughty goat and even a cheetah all passed through its doors.

Sometimes the series was played for laughs with animal high jinks all round, but sometimes there was sad news and the odd case of animal cruelty to deal with.

Tim made friends with local girl Betsy Alder (Gay Emma), and it was Betsy who would become the series lead as it progressed through various cast changes.

For the second series, Betsy travelled to Alemouth where she met Oliver (Kenneth Nash), nicknamed Ocky. Later, returning to Badger’s Bend, she was joined by local lad Dave Banks (Hugh Janes).

This series from Associated-Rediffusion Television aired between January and April 1963 and then between October 1963 and February 1964.

Betsy Alder
Gay Emma
Oliver “Ocky” Crossley
Kenneth Nash
Tim Cordon
Malcolm Patton
Mr Francis
James Ward
Aunt Madge
Margaret John
Uncle Steve
Philip Stone
Peggy Miller
Geraldine Moffat
Mr Pym
George Roubicek
Mrs Alder
Jean Alexander
Mr Alder
Michael Beint
Dave Banks
Hugh Janes
Mrs Cordon
Pamela Pitchford
Mr Cordon
Geoffrey Russell
Sheila Dicken
Rosemary Nicols
Irene Palmer
Margaret McCourt
Mrs Brack
Amy Dalby