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My Favorite Martian

1 9 6 3 – 1 9 6 6 (USA)
111 x 30 minute episodes

My Favorite Martian is the story of reporter Tim O’Hara and his Uncle Martin, a visitor from Mars (Martin, get it? Martin = Martian, oh never mind).


Uncle Martin has many special powers: he can read minds, disappear, levitate objects with his finger, move through time – all the usual stuff Martians can do (?).

He also has antennae sticking out of his head (luckily he can retract them so as not to be too obvious).

Martin is a professor of anthropology who has been observing Earth for hundreds of years and knows more about the history of Earth culture than Tim does. He is also extremely witty.

Tim is never quite sure when Uncle Martin will next employ his Martian powers but he almost always uses his unusual abilities to get into the strangest types of trouble.

myfavoritemartianDetective Brennan always shows up at the worst possible moment while Tim’s landlady, the good-natured and kindly (though highly illogical) Mrs Brown, is usually the unwitting target of Uncle Martin’s pranks.

Mrs Brown also has romantic designs on Uncle Martin. Tim the journalist is a loyal friend who goes out of his way to keep Martin’s origins secret.

One of the things I remember from my childhood viewing of the series is how Martin would sometimes address the camera (and us the viewers) directly, something rarely seen in TV shows (even now).

An inferior cartoon version was produced in the early 70s.

Tim O’Hara 
Bill Bixby
Uncle Martin 

Ray Walston
Detective Bill Brennan 

Alan Hewitt
Mrs Loralee Brown 

Pamela Britton
Police Captain 

Roy Engel