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1 9 6 5 – 1 9 6 6 (Japan/USA)

Originally a comic called Tetsujin 28 (or Iron Man 28) and later turned into a cartoon series called Tetsujin 28-Go, this Japanese creation eventually became Gigantor for the Western market.

gigantor2Gigantor was a giant robot who was – as his theme song stated – “bigger than big, taller than tall, faster than fast and stronger than strong.”

The big/tall/strong chap became one of the first Japanese cartoon exports to capture the attention of western viewers.

Initially designed to fight in World War II, Gigantor was originally destroyed by American troops. After the war, his creators rebuilt him and decided to use the giant to help Inspector Blooper and the Japanese police in their fight against crime.

gigantor8Jimmy Sparks (now there’s a good Japanese name!) was the son of the man who created Gigantor.

Jimmy controlled the robot and would often ride around on him as they saved the town from evil.

As with Astro Boy, viewers were enamoured with the distinctly different animation of the series, which included creative camera angles and never-before-seen shots like a point of view from the villain’s mouth!.

Gigantor was the first in a long line of friendly giant robots, which also included Frankenstein Jr, Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot and The Iron Giant.

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