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Mr Digby Darling

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 1 (UK)
19 x 30 minute episodes

This comedy series was produced by Yorkshire Television and aired from 1969 to 1971 starring Sheila Hancock and Peter Jones.

The programme concerned the relationship between an office manager – Mr Roland Digby (Jones) – who is cosseted by his loyal and devoted secretary, Thelma Teesdale (Hancock).

Mr Digby and Thelma worked at the Rid O’ Rat pest extermination company, where Mr Trumper (Brian Oulton) was the boss and Mrs Bullivant (Doris Hare) was the welfare officer.

From the time Roland Digby arrived at work in the morning until he left for home in the evening, Thelma catered for his every need, pulling out all stops to protect him from the outside world.

Shorthand typing wasn’t one of her strong points, but she gave a neat line in breakfasts for the boss, cooked and served straight from a gas ring set up in the filing cabinet.

Her ambitious plans to secure his advancement, though, were usually ill-advised and doomed to failure.

For Digby, the office became home-from-home and was a welcome escape from a domineering wife (the unseen Eleanor) and his three children whose names he could never remember (Gwendolyn, Dominic and Robin).

Produced and directed by Bill Hitchcock, the series was written by Ken Hoare and Mike Sharland.

Roland Digby
Peter Jones
Thelma Teesdale
Sheila Hancock
Mr Trumper

Brian Oulton

Beryl Cooke
Mr Bailey
Peter Stephens
Janet Browns
Norman Stanhope
Michael Bates
Mrs Zena Bullivant
Doris Hare
Ivy Criddle
Joan Hurley
Wanda Ventham