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1 9 6 8 (UK)
6 x 60 minute episodes

This gangland drama from Granada followed the fortunes of South London crime boss Alan Spindoe across six one hour episodes.

Alan Spindoe (Ray McAnally) was sent down for seven years for receiving – and there should have been other charges. Now he’s out after receiving full remission and he expects a big welcome.

But on leaving prison, Spindoe discovers that he has been completely betrayed. All his interests – and his wife, Shelagh – have been taken away from him by Eddie Edwards (Anthony Bate), the caretaker he left in charge.

Spindoe delivers an ultimatum to his wife to come back to him or die. But Eddie is already dealing with Henry Mackleson (Richard Hurndall) and the North London firm, trying to negotiate a merger of all London’s criminal interests – without Spindoe.

Shelagh Spindoe is murdered, and Spindoe’s friend Scalinger (George Sewell) witnesses her death. He also holds a letter Spindoe wrote to her that incriminates Spindoe beyond any doubt.

Despite the letter, however, and much to the distress of his ambitious subordinate, Detective Inspector Tierney has his doubts. Spindoe, hunted by Eddie’s men, moves out and finds Billy Humphries (Glynn Edwards), who everyone knows is dead.

Spindoe has Eddie killed and wins back his lost criminal kingdom in South London.


His happiness can be disrupted by only one thing – Renata’s lacerated face. Open gang warfare breaks out between North and South London since Spindoe, unlike Eddie, will not be a party to any merger with Mackleson.

But to the puzzlement of both the police and Mackleson, Spindoe demobilises in the face of a full-scale attack.

In the end, Spindoe betrays both his friends and himself. Scaliger swears to avenge Billy’s death. Mackleson (Richard Hurndall) fears for his own safety, and the police intend to question Spindoe about the death of Eddie Edwards.

There’s only one road left for Spindoe . . .

Alan Spindoe
Ray McAnally
Shelagh Spindoe
Colette O’Neil
Eddie Edwards
Anthony Bate

George Sewell
Henry Mackleson

Richard Hurndall
Billy Humphries

Glynn Edwards

Rachel Herbert

Garfield Morgan

Carole Mowlam
Detective Inspector Tierney
Basil Dignam
Detective Sgt Peach

Bryan Marshall
Detective Sgt Fowler

Jon Laurimore

Griffith Davies

Colin Edwynn


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