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Story of Peter Grey, The

1 9 6 1 – 1 9 6 2 (Australia)
164 x 15 minute episodes

ATN7 (Australia) produced this daytime soap opera based on the life and times of a clergyman, played by James Condon. The series aired at 1:45 pm Monday to Friday.

The story of a young minister newly appointed to a large Australian suburban parish, it starred James Condon in the title role.

Others in the cast included Diana Perryman, Lynne Murphy, Walter Sullivan, Stewart Ginn, Juliana Allen, Nancye Stewart, John Gray, Thelma Scott and Gordon Chater.

The station had tried a similar format once before with Autumn Affair (1958-1959), but neither serial met with any real degree of success.

Peter Grey
James Condon
Brenda Grey
Lynne Murphy
Jane Marner
Diana Perryman
Tony Beaumont
Walter Sullivan
Robert McDarra
Anne Vail
Moya O’Sullivan