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Bill Brand

1 9 7 6 (UK)
11 x 50 minute episodes

A by-election in the solidly working-class constituency of Leighley sees left-of-centre Labour Party candidate Bill Brand (Jack Shepherd), a former lecturer, elected to Parliament by a slim majority.

Driven by a determination to improve the lives of his textile-worker constituents, he finds his ideas of representation are provocatively different from those of the whips, and in a world of oblique negotiations and hidden bargains – the uncomfortable realities of a minority government – Brand’s fundamental belief in the Party is assailed by doubts, while his troubled personal life further endangers his tenuous political career.

This groundbreaking and unashamedly intelligent drama series looked at the behind-the-scenes deception and power struggle of government proceedings.

billbrand5 billbrand6

Off-beat and non-commercial, this was hard-hitting, gripping drama which had viewers glued to their sets through sheer fascination if nothing else.

The Thames television series was well acted, well scripted and deserved far more promotion. Class British television at its best.

Bill Brand
Jack Shepherd
Miriam ‘Mim’ Brand
Lynn Farleigh
Winnie Scoular
Rosemary Martin
Alf Jowett
Allan Surtees
Alex Ferguson
Cherie Lunghi
David Last
Alan Badel
Reg Starr
Douglas Campbell
June Brand
Karen Silver
Michael Brand
Philip Cox
Cedric Maddocks
Peter Copley
William Hoyland
Tom Mapson
Richard Butler
Malcolm Frear
Geoffrey Palmer
Gary Roberts
Eddie Brand
Dave Hill
Bernard Shaw
Colin Jeavons
Hughie Marsden
James Garbutt
Peter Howell
Richard Leech
Frank Hilton
Clifford Kershaw
Albert Stead
John Barrett
Angie Shaw
Carole Hayman
Mrs Brand
Anne Dyson


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