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Waltons, The

1 9 7 2 – 1 9 8 1 (USA)
220 x 50 minute episodes

This extremely sentimental saga told of the poor-but-happy and wholesome backwoods pioneer family headed by John (Ralph Waite) and Olivia (Michael Learned) Walton who operate a sawmill in Jefferson County in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia during the Depression of the 1930s.


John and Olivia had seven children and lived in a house on Waltons’ Mountain that they shared with John’s parents, Grandpa Zeb (Zebulon) Walton (Will Geer) and Grandma Esther Walton (Ellen Corby).

The tale is told through the eyes of the eldest son, John Boy Walton (Richard Thomas), who keeps a journal about his family and aspires to be a novelist.

He attended Boatwright University and established his own newspaper, the Blue Ridge Chronicle.

936015_614152841956028_1529597077_nHis first serious love affair was with Jenny Pendleton (Sian Barbara Allen), a runaway the Waltons took in. John Boy eventually left Waltons’ Mountain to pursue his career in New York as a writer. After having his first novel published, he became a reporter for a national wire service. He later married and raised a family in California.

Mary Ellen, the oldest girl, became a nursing student and married Dr Curtis Willard (Tom Bower). They had a son they named John Curtis Walton Willard. Their marriage later fell apart and Mary Ellen dated and later wed Arlington (“Jonesy”) Westcott (Richard Gilliland).

Erin (Mary Elizabeth McDonough) worked as an operator at the Jefferson County Phone Company and later at the Pickett Metal Products Company. Her first boyfriend, George “GW” Haines enlisted in the army during World War II and was killed in action. She later married Paul Northridge.

Jason (Jon Walmsley) studied at the Clyneburg Conservatory and played with the Bobby Bigelow and His Hayseed Gang band. He also played in a band called the Rhythm Kings and sang with the WQSR (radio) Gospelites. He had an after school job at the Jarvis Used Car Lot and worked as a musician (playing the guitar) at the Dew Drop Inn.

Ben (Eric Scott) took over the family sawmill business and turned it into the Walton Lumber Mill. He married Cindy Brunson and they had a daughter they named Virginia.


Elizabeth (Kami Cotler) was carefree and anxious to grow up. She had a sleepwalking problem because of a subconscious fear of a carnival Ferris wheel. Jim-Bob (David W Harper) had been a twin but his brother, Joseph Zebulon, died at birth. He was a loner and constantly lost in his dreams. Jim-Bob wanted to be an airline pilot but couldn’t because of astigmatism.

Other regular characters included Ike Godsey (Joe Conley), owner of the General Merchandise Store; John’s spinster cousin from Doe Hills, Corabeth Walton (Ronnie Claire Edwards) who later married Ike; their adopted daughter (and Elizabeth’s best friend) Aimee Godsey (Rachel Longaker); local sheriff Marmaduke Ephraim “Ep” Bridges (John Crawford); and Matthew Fordwicke (John Ritter), the town’s preacher

Based on the autobiographical novel by narrator Earl Hamner Jr (who narrated the series), this wholesome – at times almost nauseatingly so – series also spawned three movies made for TV: A Wedding on Waltons’ Mountain (February 1982), Mothers Day on Waltons’ Mountain (May 1982) and A Day For Thanks on Waltons’ Mountain (November 1982).


The series was a huge hit with Middle America and earned six Emmy awards before the BBC cleverly slotted it into Sunday evening schedules in Britain from 1974, and it took hold in the UK.

“Goodnight John-Boy”
“Look Grandpa, just go back to your own room!”

John Walton 
Ralph Waite
Olivia Walton 

Michael Learned
John Boy (John Walton Jnr)

Richard Thomas
Mary Ellen Walton

Judy Norton-Taylor
Elizabeth Walton

Kami Cotler
Jason Walton

Jon Walmsley
Erin Walton

Mary Elizabeth McDonough
Ben Walton

Eric Scott
Jim Bob Walton

David W Harper
Grandpa Zeb Walton

Will Geer
Grandma Esther Walton

Ellen Corby
Ike Godsey 

Joe Conley
Corabeth Walton/Godsey

Ronnie Claire Edwards
Aimee Godsey
Rachel Longaker 
Dr Curtis Willard 

Tom Bower
Arlington (Jonesy) Westcott

Richard Gilliland
Sheriff Ep Bridges
John Crawford
Reverend Matthew Fordwicke
John Ritter
Earl Hamner Jr