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Where The Heart Is

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 3 (USA)
910 x 25 minute episodes

This soap opera from CBS revolved around the conflicts, tensions and lives of the close-knit but dysfunctional Hathaway family of Northcross, Connecticut.

The serial opened on 8 September 1969 with the death of pious Hathaway family patriarch Judge Daniel Hathaway. Judge Hathaway had three adult children: Julian (James Mitchell), a professor of literature at the local university; Kate (Diana van der Vlis), a sympathetic but sexually repressed law student, and Allison (Louise Shaffer), the liberated feminist black sheep of the family.

Having never gained his father’s love, Julian sought affection amongst the many young women he taught at Northcross University. He had recently married nubile Mary (Diana Walker) – his adult son Michael’s former girlfriend.

Throughout its three-and-a-half-year run, Where the Heart Is was recorded on videotape at the CBS Broadcast Center Studio #44 in New York.

It fared badly in the Nielsen Audience Ratings and failed to attract the viewing demographic preferred by advertisers. The series finally ended on 23 March 1973 and was replaced by The Young and the Restless, which would become the most popular TV soap opera in America for three decades.

Julian Hathaway
James Mitchell
Kate Prescott
Diana Van der Vlis
Allison Jessup
Louise Shaffer
Mary Hathaway
Diana Walker
Michael Hathaway
Greg Abels
Vicky Hathaway
Lisa Richards
Dr Joe Prescott
William Post Jr.
Nancy Prescott
Katherine Meshill
Ed Lucas
Joseph Mascolo
Stella O’Brien
Bibi Osterwald
Christine Cameron
Delphi Harrington
Loretta Jordan
Alice Drummond
Peter Jordan
Mike Bersell
Carol Gault
Janet League
Elizabeth Rainey
Tracy Brooks Swope
John Rainey
Peter MacLean
Dr Adrienne Harris
Priscilla Pointer
Lt. Hayward
Philip Sterling
Amy Snowden
Clarice Blackburn
Dr Jim Hudson
Ruben Greene
Terry Stevens
Ted LePlatt
Will Watts
Robert Symonds
Detective Munford
Gil Rogers
Lt. Fenelli
Ted Beniodes
Dr Homes Rayburn
Alan Manson
Margaret Jardin
Barbara Baxley (1)
Rue McClanahan (2)
Daniel Hathaway
Joseph Dolen
Ellie Jardin
Zohra Lambert
Mrs Harrison
Caroline Coates
Lois Snowden
Jeanne Ruskin