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Aloha Paradise

1 9 8 1 (USA)
13 x 50 minute episodes

Another Aaron Spelling production saw guests working out their love lives at the glamorous Paradise Village holiday resort in sun-drenched Hawaii, which was managed by Sydney Chase (Debbie Reynolds).

The resort staff included Fran the perky hotel social director (Patricia Klous), Curtis the uncertain assistant manager (Bill Daily), Richard the handsome lifeguard (Stephen Shortridge), and Evelyn the understanding bartender (Mokiha-Na) who dispensed tropical drinks and wise counsel.

Despite the presence of Reynolds, the series was tepid at best, with storylines which seemed to be pasted together from old Love Boat and Fantasy Island scripts.

Three or four different stories were told within each episode (like Love Boat), each about people in love, out of love, or looking for love (like Love Boat) and finding that their dreams could come true – at any age – in a romantic island setting (like Fantasy Island).

The guest stars who appeared in these little stories were mostly retreads from other TV series (also a Love Boat practice). Even the lush theme song sounded like Love Boat.

TV Guide said at the time: “There are glimpses of Hawaiian scenery, on blurry screens behind the actors, who are plainly thousands of miles away in a studio building, where they are in no danger of being struck by falling pineapples.”

Sydney Chase
Debbie Reynolds
Curtis Shea
Bill Daily
Fran Linhart
Patricia Klous
Evelyn Pahinui
Richard Bean
Stephen Shortridge
Charles Fleischer