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Heart of the City

1 9 8 6 – 1 9 8 7 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

Los Angeles detective Wes Kennedy (Robert Desiderio) has to raise two problematic teenage kids alone after his wife was murdered while he was in action on a SWAT team.

Between shots of Kennedy being a bit over-zealous in memory of his wife (there were lots of flashbacks and dream sequences) he tried to rekindle a relationship with the kids – 14-year-old Robin (Christina Applegate) and 15-year-old Kevin (Jonathan Ward) – who blamed him for their mother’s death.


Wes met the mother of a crazed 11-year-old and, for a while, there was a chance of romance until she dropped him because he had to testify against the kid for shooting someone.

He appealed to his kids to reciprocate some of the love he gave them and explained that, dammit, being a cop was important because there were people out there dying.

In the end, the kids showed their forgiveness by cooking him a meal.

Wes Kennedy
Robert Desiderio
Kevin Kennedy
Jonathan Ward
Robin Kennedy
Christina Applegate
Detective Rick Arno
Kario Salem
Sgt Luke Halui
Branscombe Richmond
Detective Stanley Bumford
Robert Alan Browne
Lt. Ed Van Duzer
Dick Anthony Williams
Kathy Priester
Kay Lenz
Ricky Priester
Andre Gower