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Hollywood Wives

1 9 8 5 (USA)
3 x 90 minute episodes

No one, except perhaps Jackie Collins’ agent, pretended that ITV’s Hollywood Wives was great art.

Anthony Hopkins, who starred in the miniseries, and by his own account, spent most of the time in bed with Suzanne Somers, had no illusions and no worries.

“I love junk,” said Hopkins. “I was in California when my agent rang me and said, ‘I don’t know if you’re interested; I don’t even know if I should tell you . . .’ I asked what it was. He said he’s got a script of Hollywood Wives. I said my wife, Jenni, had just read it. My agent said, ‘It’s absolute rubbish.’ But I read it, and there was nothing pornographic in it, so I thought, why not?”

When he walked on to the Hollywood Wives set, Angie Dickinson (yes, she’s in it too, and so is Stefanie Powers) said; “My God, are you doing this?”

Elaine Conti
Candice Bergen
Marilee Gray
Joanna Cassidy
Karen Lancaster
Mary Crosby
Sadie LaSalle
Angie Dickinson
Ross Conti
Steve Forrest
Neil Gray
Anthony Hopkins
Jason Swandle
Roddy McDowall
Montana Gray
Stefanie Powers
Gina Germaine
Suzanne Somers
George Lancaster
Robert Stack
Oliver Easterne
Rod Steiger
Buddy Hudson
Andrew Stevens
Angel Hudson
Catherine Mary Stewart
Pamela Lancaster
Frances Bergen
Daryl Anderson
Stephen Shellen
Dorothy Dells
Aleisa Shirley
James ‘Gypsy’ Haake
Anna Maria Poon
Joe E. Tata
Mrs Liderman
Meg Wyllie Meg Wyllie