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Lewis & Clark

1 9 8 1 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episode

This NBC comedy starred native New Yorker Stewart Lewis (Gabe Kaplan) who had a strange ambition – to own a country music club.


His wife and kids hated the idea like poison, so, in the American spirit of fair play, Stewart moved his family to Luckenbach, Texas, where he bought the Nassau Country Cafe – a joint that already had nine owners in the last six years and sported a sign that read “Always Under New Management”.

While his sidekick Roscoe Clark (Guich Koock) stood by, Stewart let fly with one-liners and tortured puns.

Thank goodness Stewart didn’t want to be a comedian . . .

Stewart Lewis
Gabe Kaplan
Roscoe Clark
Guich Koock
Alicia Lewis
Ilene Graff
Michael McManus
Wendy Holcombe
Kelly Lewis
Amy Linker
Keith Lewis
David Hollander
Silas Jones
Clifton James