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Eerie, Indiana

1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 2 (USA)
19 x 30 minute episodes

Marshall Teller (Omri Katz), his sister, Syndi (Julie Condra), and their parents, scientist Edgar (Francis Guinan) and party planner Marilyn (Mary-Margaret Humes), move from New Jersey to the remote town of Eerie, Indiana – population 16,601, sister city: Normal, Illinois – in search of a peaceful, wholesome life.

The town newspaper is the Eerie Examiner, the Eerie Dairy provides the town with Eerie Milk (“An udder delight”) and the only department store is the World O’ Stuff, owned by Bartholomew J. Radford (John Astin). The only TV station is WERD and the Eerie Bank offers a free toaster with every new account.

Statistically speaking, Eerie appears to be the most normal place in the entire country.

But Marshall believes the town is “the centre of weirdness” for the entire planet –  “Ever since moving here I’ve been convinced that there is something wrong with Eerie, Indiana.”

Bigfoot eats out of the Teller’s garbage can, and Elvis Presley (Steven Peri) lives on Marshall’s paper route. Twin brothers Bertram (Nathan Schultz/Dan Stanton) and Ernest Wilson (Nicholas Schultz/Don Stanton) preserve themselves in giant plastic kitchen containers called ‘Forever Wear’ and women care more about vacuum-fresh food than they do about their husbands.

The citizens celebrate Tornado Day with an annual picnic (as once a year a tornado named Old Bob strikes the town) and they ignore Daylight Savings Time (so if you set your clock back you upset the time-space continuum and live in a non-time zone).

Beneath the town lives Mr Lodgepoole (Henry Gibson), the proprietor of the Bureau of the Lost. He is a certified ‘reappropriation engineer’ – he takes items from people so they will replace them and keep the economy going.

Marshall and his geeky friend Simon Holmes (Justin Shenkarow) have a secret evidence locker where they store all the evidence they have found (for example, a petrified bologna sandwich, a watch set on Daylight Savings Time) and stories follow Marshall’s adventures as he gathers the evidence he needs to prove that Eerie “is the weirdest place on Earth”.

15 episodes of an updated version of Eerie, Indiana, were produced in 1998 under the title Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension. Teenagers Mitchell Taylor (Bill Switzer) and Stanley Hope (Daniel Clark) discover that Eerie is, indeed, a strange place. Weird things happen but only they seem to notice. They begin collecting evidence of the strange phenomena they encounter but their one believer is Mr Crawford (Neil Crone), a bartender who helps them when they get in over their heads.

Marshall Teller
Omri Katz
Simon Holmes
Justin Shenkarow
Marilyn Teller
Mary-Margaret Humes
Edgar Teller
Francis Guinan
Syndi Teller
Julie Condra
Mr Lodgepoole
Henry Gibson
Elvis Presley
Steven Peri
Bartholomew J Radford
John Astin
Fake Mr Radford (Fred Suggs)
Archie Hahn
Bertram Wilson
Nathan Schultz (child)
Dan Stanton (adult)
Ernest Wilson
Nicholas Schultz (child)
Don Stanton (adult)
Dash X
Jason Marsden
Harley Holmes
Christian Cousins

Mitchell Taylor
Bill Switzer
Stanley Hope
Daniel Clark
Carrie Taylor
Lindy Booth
Edward Taylor
Bruce Hunter
Mrs Taylor
Deborah Odell
Mr Crawford
Neil Crone