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1 9 9 7 (USA)

The Cold War was over but the spies lived on in this short-lived send-up of spy caper shows.

Lorne (Linden Ashby) and Max (Allison Smith) were agents working for E.C.H.O (the Emergency Counter Hostilities Organisation), secretly established by the President to thwart former agents who, angry and out-of-work, were using their unique skills to cause no end of problems.

Lorne was an old-fashioned fists and bravado type, surly, sarcastic, and almost uncontrollable; Max was sexy, athletic, techno-smart, and had a photographic memory.

They battled the enemy and each other with ingenuity and style, pretty much ignoring their frustrated boss, young wunderkind Micah (Bruce McCarty), despite the fact that he reported directly to the President (who was heard on speakerphones as a drawling, Southern buffoon).

There was lots of high-tech gadgetry and in-jokes (like Robert Culp trying to blow up the Statue of Liberty), but the cartoonish series soon went the way of the out-of-work spies it lampooned.

Lorne Cash
Linden Ashby
Max London
Allison Smith
Micah Simms
Bruce McCarty