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1 9 9 3 (USA)
7 x 60 minute episodes

The Tribeca (Triangle Below Canal Street) district of Manhattan provided the backdrop for this anthology series. The hour-long episodes provided richly textured adult drama, as well as television’s first really sensible and successful use of the anthology format for something other than horror stories.

There were two peripheral characters who gave the series a little continuity: Harry (Philip Bosco), the fatherly Jewish owner of Muffin’s Coffee House, and his friend Carlton Thomas (Joe Morton), a mounted police officer with the NYPD (pictured above).

Although they might have some involvement in the weekly storylines, for the most part, they were observers rather than participants.

Laurence Fishburne, Peter Boyle, Kathleen Quinlan, Ernie Hudson, Richard Lewis, Debbie Harry, Betty Buckley, Melanie Mayron, Eli Wallach and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch were some of the guest actors featured in individual episodes.

Despite positive reviews and the added publicity value of having Robert De Niro as one of the executive producers, Tribeca lasted for only seven episodes.

Harry Arsharsky
Philip Bosco
Officer Carlton Thomas
Joe Morton


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