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1 9 9 6 – 1 9 9 7 (USA)
23 x 60 minute episodes

Justice truly was blind in this dark knockoff of the ‘60s series The Fugitive.

Gus McClain (Michael Easton) was happily married, with a new job as an assistant English professor at a college in Seattle, when his world was suddenly turned into a living hell.

Unknown to Gus, he had a vicious, murderous twin brother named Booth (also Michael Easton) who was determined to destroy his life. Why? It seems the brothers had been separated as infants, and adopted by different stepparents after their own parents were killed in a car accident. Gus was the lucky one, raised by a loving, generous couple, while Booth drew the short straw and grew up a psychotic criminal.

As if that wasn’t enough, Booth now had an aneurysm. Knowing he was going to die, he went on a killing rampage and then tracked down his hated brother to pin the crimes on him and make Gus experience the miserable life he had lived.

He killed Gus’s wife Sara (Allison Hossack) and framed Gus for the crime.

Enter Carter (Barbara Tyson), an obsessed FBI agent who was convinced that Gus had committed all these crimes, including the murder of her partner. Smug, smirking, and absolutely deaf to his side of the story, she even tried to shoot him in the back when he cornered her. Andy (Lochlyn Munro) was Carter’s inept partner.

Gus was left on the run, chased by the relentless Carter, while searching for evidence that Booth existed and was responsible for the murders. As Gus travelled, Booth sometimes showed up to wreak havoc that was invariably blamed on Gus.

Viewers could tell them apart because Booth was a smoker and Gus was not. Gus’ late wife Sara was seen in flashbacks during his understandably troubled dreams.

Booth Hubbard/Gus McClain
Michael Easton
Agent Terry Carter
Barbara Tyson
Agent Andy Forbes
Lochlyn Munro
Sara McClain
Allison Hossack
Dir. James Fairchild
Andrew Johnston