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1 9 9 2 (USA)
11 x 30 minute episodes

In this bizarre post-apocalyptic comedy, kids playing with remote control cars at a small Midwestern parade accidentally set off some nuclear missiles that were being paraded. The missiles hit assigned targets in foreign countries, the enemy nations retaliated and a nuclear holocaust ensued, wiping out almost the entire world population in less than an hour.

Mark (Evan Handler), who narrated the series, survived because he was in a Volvo.

Driving through the devastation until he ran out of fuel, Mark found a lone farmhouse where five other survivors had found each other.

A former English teacher at Jefferson Elementary School, he kept a journal of the group’s progress and was chosen as the leader because he was the least opinionated.

Alice McConnell (Meagan Fay) was an idealistic feminist and the owner of Every Woman’s Book Store. She had survived the nuclear holocaust because she had been in her bookstore basement which had been built as a bomb shelter in the 1960s.

Arrogant yuppie stockbroker Curtis Thorpe (Lane Davies) was a corporate giant with an office on the 63rd floor of the International Trade Building in New York. He ran Thorpe, Inc. and had been in the company’s vault when
the missiles struck.

Suzanne Skillman (Marita Geraghty) was a sexy but dumb manicurist at Antoine’s. She can’t quite understand what has actually happened, has no discernible opinions about anything, and still dreams of becoming a hairdresser. How she survived is not mentioned.

Jack Connors (Fred Applegate) had been a carpenter for 15 years before his luck ran out and he lost his job, wife and home. Perpetually cheery and optimistic, with a penchant for joking around, Jack had been living in a cardboard refrigerator box under the interstate when the disaster happened.

Dr Frederick Ross (Cleavant Derricks) was apparently the only black survivor. A pathologist, he had been working two stories below ground in the morgue when it happened.

Occasional mutant insects – such as a giant grasshopper – intruded, but most of the action took place in the farmhouse as the six tried various nutty schemes to organise their new, “better world”.

Newsday said; “It could have been the funniest show in the world, if there was a nuclear war, really, and this was the only one show left. Woops! is moronic on so many levels.”

Mark Braddock 
Evan Handler
Jack Connors

Fred Applegate
Curtis Thorpe
Lane Davies
Dr Frederick Pioss
Cleavant Derricks
Alice McConnell
Meagan Fay
Suzanne Stillman
Marita Geraghty