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In the Nick (1960)

Four smalltime crooks – led by Spider Kelly (James Booth) – are sent to an experimental “progressive” prison where inmates are to be “reformed” not punished – a gate at the end of the driveway replaces bars on the windows, and dorm rooms replace cells.

The four friends settle in for an easy one year sentence but run afoul of prisoner Ted Ross (Ian Hendry) who handles all the smuggled cigarettes and contraband and is considered the leader of the prisoners.

Meanwhile, new psychologist Dr Newcombe (Andrew Newley) takes an interest in the four friends, wanting to use them to prove that rehabilitation works.

The four friends find a secret passage out of the centre (via a bookcase) and set up an egg smuggling ring.

Dr Newcombe
Anthony Newley
The Doll
Anne Aubrey
Jinx Shortbottom
Bernie Winters
Spider Kelly
James Booth
Chief Officer Williams
Harry Andrews
Al Mulock
Derren Nesbitt
Prison Governor
Niall MacGinnis
Screw Smith
Victor Brooks
Ted Ross
Ian Hendry
Kynaston Reeves
Screw Jenkins
Barry Keegan
Diana Chesney

Ken Hughes