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Angel (1984)

23-year-old Donna Wilkes plays 15-year-old Molly, or “Angel” if you’re one of the few that have ties to her nighttime activities as a prostitute.

At one point in her young life, she lived with her parents. By the time she was 12, they had both abandoned her for better lives and new lovers. In order to maintain her sense of security and keep their apartment, she took to the streets and started prostituting.

Molly has no intention of being a streetwalker for the rest of her life. She enrolled herself at an upscale private school and secretly pays her own tuition. She’s at the top of her class, doesn’t do drugs, keep boyfriends, nor does she have much of a social life.

To calm questions from her teachers about her lack of extracurricular activities, she fabricates an elaborate story that her mother has been paralyzed from a stroke and is in constant need of care.

Her landlord (Susan Tyrrell), a shifty but kind eccentric woman, respects her wishes to remain in the apartment and turns a blind eye to the risk of letting a minor rent from her. She and the streetwise drag queen Mae (Dick Shawn) are, in a way, her new guardians.

Though her life as a prostitute is far from glamorous, Angel feels considerably safe in her surroundings – until a serial killer (John Diehl) with a taste for hookers comes along.

Lt. Andrews (Cliff Gorman) hits the streets and informs all the working girls to keep a watchful eye on the streets and use precaution with their clientele. He is especially gearing his efforts towards Angel because he knows she’s a minor who hasn’t been on the streets for years.

It becomes apparent to all the girls that the streets are no longer safe when three of their close friends are found butchered by the killer. Still, Angel and the others keep working and are optimistic that they won’t become his victims.

In time Angel realises that she’s next on the killer’s list.

Once he has infiltrated her home and takes the life of someone dear to her, she decides to fight back and salvage what small amount of goodness is left in her broken life.

There are plenty of colourful personalities in supporting roles including Kit Carson (Rory Calhoun), a shoot-‘em-up enthusiast who loves to tell tales of the open West and demonstrate his quick draw to locals; and Yo-Yo (Stephen M. Porter), who does yo-yo tricks dressed as a clown and always lifts the spirits of the girls when their night is through.

Lt. Andrews
Cliff Gorman
Solly Mosler
Susan Tyrrell
Dick Shawn
Kit Carson
Rory Calhoun
Molly ‘Angel’ Stewart
Donna Wilkes
The Killer
John Diehl
Patricia Allen
Elaine Giftos
Donna McDaniel
Graem McGavin
Mel Carter
Yoyo Charlie
Steven M. Porter
Ric Sawyer
David Underwood
David Anthony
Joshua Cadman
Greg Lewis

Robert Vincent O’Neil