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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

1 9 5 6 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

The suave and eminently respectable Dr Henry Jekyll (Dennis Price) transforms into Edward Hyde, eventually crowning his evil career with the brutal and senseless murder of Sir Darwen Carewe (Gabriel Toyne).

Meanwhile, Dr Jekyll sips his port and talks learnedly about the forces of good evil and the dual personality in every man. He slowly begins to realise the danger inherent in his association with the more evil side of his nature while Gabriel Utterson (Philip Ray) begins to suspect that his old friend is in very deep.

The makeup for Hyde was not good. The Observer described it as looking “like an old cavalry colonel in the last stages of lupus”.

This six-part production of the famous story by Robert Louis Stevenson was adapted for television by James Parish and produced by Philip Saville for the ABC TV Network.

Episodes aired on Saturday nights at 8.30 pm between 3 November and 8 December 1956.

Dr Henry Jekyll
Dennis Price
Renee Goddard
Oliver Johnston
Gabriel John Utterson
Philip Ray
Dr Lanyon
Ian Fleming
Sir Darwen Carewe
Gabriel Toyne
Inspector Newcome
Brian Derby
Hyde’s Landlady
Anita Sharp Bolster


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