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Files of Jeffrey Jones, The

1 9 5 2 (USA)
19 x 30 minute episodes

Jeffrey Jones (Don Haggerty) is a confidential private detective based in New York City. Michelle ‘Mike’ Malone (Gloria Henry) is his girlfriend, a gutsy newspaper reporter.

Jeffrey guarantees his clients results and keeps as low a profile as possible because his clients rarely want attention drawn to their cause. Michelle accompanies Jeffrey on his investigations with the intent of acquiring stories for her paper. But Michelle understands the need for privacy and reports the results focusing on the criminal rather than the victim thus ensuring Jeffrey’s guarantee.

Jeffrey is not one for violent confrontations. He likes to take things slow and easy, evaluating each situation before approaching it. Michelle is just the opposite. She wants the stories and she wants them now. Her impulsiveness often causes Jeffrey to become a man of action – not only to save Michelle but himself as well.

Stories related to Jeffrey’s investigations which often became extra complicated by Michelle’s over-eagerness.

Jeffrey Jones
Don Haggerty
Lt. Doyle
Tristram Coffin
Michelle ‘Mike’ Malone
Gloria Henry
Vince Barnett