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Law of the Plainsman

1 9 5 9 (USA)
30 x 30 minute episodes

Harvard educated Apache Indian Sam Buckhart (Michael Ansara) takes the oath to become a Deputy Marshal in New Mexico in the 1880s.

When he was 14, Sam had saved the life of a US Cavalry officer after an Indian ambush. When the officer died, he left Sam a great deal of money that was used for an education at private schools and Harvard University.

Wishing to help his people, Sam decides to become a law enforcement officer upon graduation.

Based in Santa Fe, the young Apache has to overcome many obstacles to perform his job, especially the prejudices that exist between Indians and whites.

Seven-year-old Tess (Gina Gillespie) has been Sam’s ward since he rescued her from a wagon train massacre. Martha Commager (Nora Marlowe) runs the Santa Fe Boarding House and helps care for Tess.

Billy Lordan (Robert Harland) is Sam’s assistant, the Deputy Marshal of the nearby town of Glorieta. Andy Morrison (Dayton Lummis) is the sheriff of Santa Fe.

The pilot episode, ‘The Indian’ aired as an episode of The Rifleman in February 1959.

Deputy Marshal Sam Buckhart
Michael Ansara
Tess Wilkins
Gina Gillespie
Marshal Andy Morrison
Dayton Lummis
Martha Commager
Nora Marlowe
Deputy Billy Lordan
Robert Harland