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Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The

1 9 6 7 (UK)
10 x 20 minute episodes

Initially intended as a small-scale Jackanory-style presentation with just a narrator and illustrations, this ABC production grew and grew to become an ambitious live-action Sunday serial.

The technical aspects of the serial show brilliantly how an epic can be staged with relatively meagre resources. The production team even brought in sheets from home to provide snow-covered hills, while several features of the set came second-hand from The Max Bygraves Show in the studio next door.

Looking for all the world like a theatre production on television, the designers provided a delightful stylised look, suggesting an impression of the land of Narnia.

Taking a cue from the novel’s original illustration of the likes of Mr Tumnus, all of the creatures – including Aslan the lion – were played by actors walking upright on two legs.

The available budget did not stretch to special effects so a narrator was used – in this case, the professor (Jack Woolgar) who lives in the old house where the children are staying narrated the story, sat by a crackling fireside.

The narrator also covered for costume and prop changes between scenes as the series was broadcast ‘as live’.

Zuleika Robson
Liz Crowther
Paul Waller
Edward McMurray
The White Witch
Elizabeth Wallace
George Claydon
Mrs Beaver
Susan Field
Mr Beaver
Jimmy Gardner
Bernard Kay
Mr Tumnus
Angus Lennie
Robert Booth
Giant Rumblebuffin
Norman Mitchell
St Nicholas
Guy Deghy
Jack Woolgar


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