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Mothers-In-Law, The

1 9 6 7 – 1 9 6 9 (USA)
54 x 30 minute episodes

Eve Hubbard (Eve Arden) and her husband Herb (Herbert Rudley) and Kaye Buell (Kaye Ballard) and her husband Roger (Roger C. Carmel at first and then Richard Deacon) were neighbours and friends. Roger was a TV writer and Herb was a lawyer.

While in college, the Hubbard’s daughter, Suzie (Deborah Walley) ran off and married the Buell’s son, Jerry (Jerry Fogel), and they returned to live in the Hubbard’s garage, which had been converted into a small apartment.

The parents, especially the mothers, squabbled and meddled in their children’s lives, approaching the youngsters’ marriage from different points of view.

When Suzie and Jerry had twins – a boy (Joey) and a girl (Hildy) – the mothers-in-law found even more reasons to bicker.

When the Desi Arnaz production first aired, many critics wrote it off as a rewrite of a lot of old I Love Lucy scripts. Although it aired in a prime slot between Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and Bonanza, the show did not perform to expectations.

NBC considered cancelling the show after the first season, and when ratings continued to slump, it was cancelled at the end of the second season.

Eve Arden died at her Beverly Hills home in November 1990 of heart failure. Arden, who also suffered from cancer, was 82.

Eve Hubbard 
Eve Arden
Kaye Buell 

Kaye Ballard
Roger Buell 

Roger C. Carmel (1)
Richard Deacon (2)
Herb Hubbard 

Herbert Rudley
Jerry Buell 

Jerry Fogel
Suzie Hubbard-Buell 

Deborah Walley