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Sinbad Jr. (and his Magic Belt)

1 9 6 5 (USA)

Sinbad Jr. looked more like an All-American kid than a brave sea adventurer like his dad – but once he tightened up his magic belt (making his waist smaller and the chest bigger), he gained the strength of fifty men and the ability to fly.

As an added bonus to the boy’s self-esteem, these powers expanded his chest to three times its regular size.

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Every sailor needs a parrot sidekick, and Sinbad Jr. was no exception. Sinbad had Salty, a smart-alecky bird who wore a sailor’s cap.

The two encountered many adventures together, often thwarting the younger Sinbad’s nemesis, Rotcoddam (read it backwards), and his henchman Egoots (you get the idea).

Sinbad Jr. ran for half an hour, but every episode was culled from a pool of 100 five-minutes shorts.

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Sinbad Jr
Tim Mattheson

Mel Blanc