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Red Letter Day

1 9 7 6 (UK)
7 x 50 minute episodes

It happens in almost everyone’s life. There is a special day – a day of unusual significance. A turning point in life, perhaps in career, romance or fortune; a day to remember.

This anthology of plays, each as individual as the people and events portrayed, looks at seven such ‘Red Letter’ days.

Ranging from the poignant to the surreal, all of the plays are infused with wry and tender humour.

redletterday2Featuring performances by some of British television’s most accomplished actors – including Alison Steadman, Jack Shepherd, Rula Lenska, Peter Barkworth and Ronald Radd – the series’ outstanding screenplays include Jack Rosenthal’s BAFTA-nominated ‘Ready When You Are, Mr McGill’ in which a film extra wins a chance for the big break in his career with two crucial lines in a television film, but nothing goes according to plan.

Similar bittersweet offerings came from notable writers Willis Hall and Donald Churchill.


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